How do I calculate the first mortgage loan?

It is good to underline the importance of the calculation of the loan, as this makes us understand how much we must keep aside to face a similar expense and not go into “deficit” and be able to take into account our monetary outflows during the year. This is an operation that should be performed before applying for funding, as it makes us understand how much we can borrow. Usually the figure should not exceed one third of your salary, in this article we will follow you in the various calculations of the mortgage and in calculating mortgage first home.

How to calculate the mortgage

To begin with we give you some tips and directions on how to calculate the loan. To perform the calculation you have two ways, or the use of mathematical tools available online and completely free, or the following formula (which we will show below) adapted on the basis of the “French” depreciation plan.

Here is the formula you will need to calculate the mortgage :


It is more than understandable that after observing this mathematical formula, you may be afraid. But it is not difficult at all, we will explain below the values ​​written in the formula:

  • C the amount of the loan requested is obtained
  • TA is the annual rate of financing recorded in decimal numbers (if the rate is 2%, write 0.02)
  • PA is the number of installments that must be paid in the year (if payment is made monthly, write 12)
  • A is the number of years provided for reimbursement.

Calculation installment mortgage first home

Calculation installment mortgage first home

And here we are finally arrived at the long-awaited moment, how to calculate the first mortgage payment? In reality there is no change to be made compared to the previous calculation, in fact the first home mortgage calculation is performed in the same way as the previously written formula. The only difference is that in this mortgage there are cheaper interest rates than others, but this does not in any way affect the calculation of the loan.

Tools for calculating the mortgage

We have explained to you previously, very quickly and hastily, that there are two ways to perform the calculation. In addition to the formula to be applied manually, we show below the free tools to calculate the mortgage.

One of the favorite and certainly very simple methods is the one proposed by ” Zastbank !”. Through the free Zastbank tool, you can easily perform the calculation directly on their portal.

Another application available online is the one provided by “MutualOnline”. Here is the link to calculate the mortgage through the platform.

Both the recommended tools are very simple, in fact, just fill in three fundamental fields : the total amount of the loan, the duration and the rate at full capacity. It is only necessary to pay attention to the complication of the variable rate and fixed rate mortgage. In fact, in the variable rate mortgage it is important to indicate both the parameter (Interbankr) and the spread. An even simpler operation for the fixed rate as it will be sufficient to indicate the finished rate.

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